I will start a bullet journal!

And I’m so excited about it. Maybe this will teach me to give a fuck about myself haha 😛

I have lately been focusing inward; realizing that “jeg er indeni mig” = I am inside of me;

Meaning regardless of everybody’s energies and viewpoints, which are perfectly due respect and acceptance, my reality is experienced from inside of me.

Considering the fact that I am the only one who truly understands myself, my experience should receive at least as much acceptance, understanding and respect, as everybody else’s.

So yea, am trying to force myself to focus on me by having to dedicate some time every day to my well-being, growth and general happiness. It will maybe make me stop up and ask myself how I am. How I think life is going? In the direction that I want? Should I change anything? Things like that. I am excited to see where it’s gonna take me.

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