Climate-Friendly Oil

Smiling faces, floating magical atmospheres -

"Oh look, we gotta take care of the environment"

Beautiful landscape drone shots -

"Let's preserve this beautiful earth, together"

People in poor countries struggling with climate change symptoms, but staying strong! -

"If we don't do something now it'll be too late"

Said a billion advertisements for big oil companies, rebranded as "green".

An Ørsted ad is literally called "Act Now"...

Ørsted, originally DONG; Danish Oil and Natural Gas, managed and sold Danish oil and gas of the North Sea from 1972 to 2017. They then sold ownership of all their oil and gas fields because they found themselves in a 12 billion deficit in 2015 - no sorry, I mean because they were such great people. But now they are; for 1 year about they've been, green!

So let's save the planet, shall we, together?! 😉


(I know it's not the actual people, those have obviously been switched out over time; but it's the absurdity of thinking that anything will change with the current functions of things - people's reaction to Ørsted's move is like, "oh look they switched to green energy - they really care!"

The best (..most profitable) companies don't solve relevant problems; they create problems that weren't there and then sweep in to solve them. )

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