Early mornin’ jam & flowers from the neighborhood

I am already so happy at my new place. It is so me; I have space for autonomy, expression and creativity. Uninhibited.

And it has only what I need; a bed and a window, a place for my stuffs, and a shared kitchen and bathroom. It feels pretty good to know that I don’t need all that much to enjoy every day.. I’m realizing what matters...

I woke up at 5AM this morning; - maybe because it‘s a new place and my brain is a bit weary. The rays come in beautifully in that hour, golden and young, as the sun hangs low in the sky outside the window. I picked up my ukulele first thing; feeling like myself; I sang a song about mornings and inevitable change.

Then I went for a stroll in a nearby park, having it all to myself before the city woke up, and picked up the first flowers for the place on the way back.

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