Had a horrible week!

I paid (a lot of money) for my own training as an employee in a company, which turned out to be a week of them telling me what to think and do most of the time (l actually had no break from being around 160 people whatsoever - if, then I'd be taking it from my sleep).

Long story short; I felt incredibly disrespected, "worthless worker"-ish, and I was dying for some alone-time (the program was from 7am to 11pm ??! and we slept there, with new people and new inputs for the brain even in evening until going to bed?! 😵).

Basically everything I hate, haha.. I want my money back!

Anyway.. At the end of the day no one learns anything if they stay on the mat.

So! I learned three major things:

1 I have come a hugely long way independence-wise (hence my irritation with someone telling me what to do every minute of the day instead of leaving it to myself).

2 I have tasted how most people feel on a daily basis. No wonder most people feel like s and struggle with their confidence a lot, having to just swallow disrespect and other bs every day.

+ the day I came back my fam dragged me out to watch "Joker" - which must be the most f'ed up of all f'ed-up-violent-reflecting-hate-and-other-ugliness-in-our-culture movies I have watched in a long time. But that's what people watch; it's very super popular...

So yea, I really got a "9 days in the life of a normal person" kinda experience. Very interesting! growing my understanding.

3 It actually is possible for me to find cool people that I might bond with - within Denmark - if you look in the right places.

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