I haven’t been sharing for a while...

Last time I posted was 24th of April. Already then I had skipped a bunch of really big events on my storyline..

So what did I skip?

The Comfort in Solitude post that I did in November, was in Spain. By the time Seb, Aaron and I had decided to leave despite the plans to move there for a longer period of time; we all had to make money, so Aaron came up with the idea of going to work in the Alps.

Seb and Aaron went to the German-speaking part of Switzerland for a waitering job - I, since I can’t speak German, went with a Danish bureau to the French Alps as hotel personnel.

The plan was to start in December/January and do a whole season up until April, whereafter we would meet somewhere in the Alps.

I shared a bit about the training week in the end of November for my new job in the Alps. A great success, and a great investment! ;-)

I then went for a week back to Spain to say hi to the lovely TROM people and to say bye to L’Estartit, and then I headed to the Alps!

It was such a wonderful feeling to wake up every day with the mountains and sunshine outside. Skiing is one of my favorite things, so of course that was so beautiful.

But long story short, I didn’t end up liking it there. I and the rest of the staff lived stacked together in tiny rooms with no privacy, and everybody else there only enjoyed one thing in life like so many other youngsters: drinking. So! Needless to say, we were, nicely put, very different places in our lives, and it didn’t fit :) Also, I didn’t even get paid much, so it was really not worth it; generally a waste of life.

I‘ll share some more stuff about that; I had some wonderful moments, as I still got to go skiing; and some funny thoughts about the naive/normal/boring people I was living with.

Luckily Seb also ended up quitting his job in the Swiss Alps around the same time in the beginning of January, and so he came to live with me in Alpe d’Huez for 3 weeks. A bunch of skiing, and Aaron came for a visit, too. I had a lovely time!

Then I came back to Copenhagen. I was very restless to be back and wanted to head out again immediately but ended up staying, taking it easy after the bumpy but exciting road the last 6 months.

We hadn’t been back in Copenhagen for 6 months! Crazy. I haven’t tried that before. I felt very different coming back; appreciative of the place and the people here. I liked being detached like that for a longer period of time, and I can’t wait to do it again.

After all; it’s a much more accurate reflection of reality to be changing one’s environment and experience new things, as everything changes all the time. This place and these people are very homogenous and unanimous, which freaks me out. Couchsurfing helped immensely with that, allowing me to travel without traveling; hearing stories about cultures far away very different from this one, and seeing the diversity of people up-close in our very own apartment.

Now I’ve landed a job at Vivobarefoot, a barefoot shoe store, in the city. I’m trying to not go crazy because of the city life and the lack of nature, and especially with the whole corona-thing going on (I’m not even gonna touch that subject and speak my opinion; even the experts are confused about it), which has of course also put a hold on our nice couchsurfing situation! What a bummer.

We’ve been heading to the woods once in a while to cope and stay in touch with ourselves and with nature. I was a scout when I was little, and I’ve been feeling like I’ve gone a little bit “back to my roots” lately. Also with music and singing; generally maybe accepting my upbringing and appreciating the, to me, best parts? :-)

Anyway; I’ll be sharing some content from this bracket of my life very soon. They will not be in real time, as they are thoughts, videos and illustrations that have been laying around since they were created a while ago. I thought to not waste them, so I’ll be uploading them here soon.

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