Nobel “Peace” Prize

Denis Mukwege is a doctor working to save women who have been victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His Nobel Peace Prize lecture 2018, :

“Rape, massacres, torture, widespread insecurity and a flagrant lack of education create a spiral of unprecedented violence.

Imagine, the equivalent of the entire population of Denmark decimated.”

(6 million people dead and the size of the Danish population = 6.% of the Congolese population of 88 million people)

The troubling reality is that the abundance of our natural resources, gold, coltan, cobalt, and other strategic minerals, fuels war and is the source of extreme violence and abject poverty in the DRC. 

We love nice cars, jewellery and gadgets. I have a smartphone myself. These items contain minerals found in our country. Often mined in inhuman conditions by young children, victims of intimidation and sexual violence.

“It’s not just perpetrators of violence who are responsible for their crimes, it is also those who choose to look the other way.

My country is being systematically looted with the complicity of people claiming to be our leaders. Looted for their power, their wealth and their glory. 

Today, with access to the most powerful communication technology ever, no one can say:

“I didn’t know”. “

“Sarah was taken to the forest as a hostage, and tied to a tree. Naked. Sarah was gang-raped every day until she lost consciousness.

The aim of these rapes used as a weapon of war is to destroy the victim, her family and her community. In short, to destroy the social fabric. 


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