I updated my website!

Changed a bit of things here and there; you have probably noticed by now if you follow the website, - I've been spicing up the place with some colors, linked my IG profile and added some cool handmade graphics.

Oh yea! and I sorted & added a gallery, too. Much more representative of who I am today! I was a different person when I made the first version, Sofie's Thoughts 1.0 if you will ;-) Illustration section is coming up!

I have also been listening to Terence McKenna, whom I knew nothing of until recently. His talks about psychedelics are intriguing; how we only became human in our evolution with the introduction of these substances, it having tremendous effects on the development of language. They make us feel whole; connected; loved and capable of loving. Sounds pretty cool.

Anyway; if I have time, I will share some quotes from this lecture of his.

I was playing with the homepage colors and made this self-portait for it, but decided not to use it. I thought I’d still put it out there:

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