Veganism sees it like this:

You either love the animal OR you eat it.

I agree, if you're eating meat within the industrial establishment of meat production, that is true.

They miss, though, the vegans, that hunting breaks this notion. Being in connection with what you eat; feeling, essentially, that what you are about to make part of you, is already part of you, is the meeting of loving and eating. ANCESTRAL HEALTH Y'ALL!

PS. If you read books about flora, like the lovely one The Hidden Life of Trees, you'll know that trees, sweet potato plants and beans do have feelings too, - they do communicate and are social with each other, just chemically, and with other senses being dominant. Their language is further away from ours than fauna, which makes it more difficult for us to understand.. Before one reads about it, that is.

Thus plants are technically also "meat industry"-ed; monoculture, standardization, disease... Too much space between tree buddies!! The answer to the health-question is connection, not what flavour of disconnection to eat.. I'll say it again: 200,000 years of hunter-gatherer egalitarianism....!

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