Sofie, What Changed?

So, someone recently asked me what had changed in my mindset lately? 'cause something seemed to be different?

Well, first of all; I have been changing over a long period of time; we always do, and this should not come as a surprise. If you find yourself asking why someone no longer follows a static notion/doctrine, maybe the question should instead be: Why do you still follow it? Why haven't you changed?

Anyway, I thought I'd share what I replied to this question, if anybody is curious. It serves as an insight into my latest evolutions:

--- Oh my, I don't know where to start haha. I'm different. Seb is different. But I can only speak for myself, so basically; I read this book 'Civilized to Death' and did acid, and realized that 1 There is no one answer (I knew so beforehand but got a reminder), e.g. trade being THE answer, rather, it's a part of a whole understanding. 2 What I learn is not for the purpose of "teaching", imposing on others my view of the world; if I'm fortunate, the understanding that I gain will pull me in the opposite direction towards empathy, broadening my horizons and understanding/tolerance of others' perspectives. 3 What I learn shall thus be for the purpose of living my life in a more sustainable/enjoyable way, FOR MYSELF. So basically I realized that we are a wave as a part of the ocean which is evolution. You can of course stand with you arms straight against a tsunami and tell it to stop, but maybe it makes more sense to learn to surf ;-) So what I learn will be applied to my own life, how I want to live it, which is the part I can influence realistically. That is not to say the passion for the world is gone, oppositely, it allows me to learn about it in a calm and collected manner; not with the consequence of self-shame or frustration. 4 What is meant by progress?? - One of the main points in 'Civilized to Death' is the notion of the NPP, "the Narrative of Perpetual Progress"; - the notion, which everybody, "alternatively thinking" or not, seem to believe in; that the state of the world, technology and everything within the human chronology always is in betterment; that developments/further complexity always means positive change. This notion that technology always "advances". 'Civilized to Death' explains how this belief stems from how we look at our past. We have been modern humans for 200,000 years. When people say that things are always getting better, they are comparing the current state with the length of history that comprises the settled civilization. This, however, only makes up 5-6% of the total time we've been humans on this Earth. So maybe, just maybe; any serious assessment of the state of the human species should include those 95%. So; this was a bit of a longer message but really a short story of how my mind has been developing lately; I now see that we used to maybe know intellectually less; not knowing that we are a part of the planet called Earth in a solar system in the Universe, BUT emotionally, and in terms of general well-being, evidence suggests that we were much, MUCH smarter than we are today; knowing, to our core, that we are a part of, live off of and are connected to, the rest of the beings; the ecosystem, of this Earth. That is thus the basis of how I currently lead my life; towards the forest; towards real life, and towards real connection.


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